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The Parish Council manages its expenditure in line with an agreed budget. For 2017/2018 the total budget spend is £11,870 and a breakdown of the budget is available here  <link to be added>.  The expenditure is funded primarily through the precept, which is collected on behalf of the Parish Council by Hart District Council as part of the Council Tax.  For 2017/2018 the precept is £12,500.

The Parish Council spending includes the following current contract(s) listed below. Other payments are itemised in the Parish Council minutes:

Contracts for 2017/2018:

Ground Maintenance Contract – Swadling Garden Services

Annual Total £3,718

The Parish Council operates under regulatory requirements to ensure that the public money of the council is safe, spending is lawful and financial risk is managed. The audit and accounting documents listed below record how the Parish Council has implemented these requirements:

  1. Annual Return ( End of Year Accounts, Annual Governance Statement and Internal Audit Report) 
  2. Bank reconciliation
  3. Analytical Review of  Variances

Copies of the audited versions of these documents are available for 2015/2016 and 2016/2017

The Accounts for 2017/2018 are currently being audited.  The Public Rights Notice (click here) outlines how residents can arrange to inspect the 2017/2018 accounts and, if necessary, contact the external auditor.

The documents that it is necessary to publish during the external audit are available below:

Section 1 of the AGAR - Annual Governance Statement 2017/2018

Section 2 of the AGAR - Accounting Statements 2017/2018

The Annual Internal Audit Report 2017/2018


Financial documents

Date Document
01-Nov-2016 Summary 11/16
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