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Councillors & Clerk


The Parish Council has five elected Councillors who serve for a period of up to four years and must follow the Members Code of Conduct The last election was in May 2018.

The Parish Council also employs a part-time Clerk.  The Councillors and Clerk are listed below:

Belinda Hall, Chairman
Belinda Hall
Committees: Village Fete Committee, The Ridley Hall Committee
01256 861217
Steve Spreadborough, Councillor
Steve Spreadborough
Committees: SWAGA Committee, Weekly playground inspection. Footpaths Representative
Chris Preston, Councillor
Chris Preston
07595 528896
Email Chris Preston
Ed Clark, Councillor
Ed Clark
Committees: Chair SWAGA committee
Email Ed Clark
Gavin McBride, Councillor
Gavin McBride
Elizabeth Ford, Clerk to the Council
Elizabeth Ford
Clerk to the Council
01420 549645
Email Elizabeth Ford
9 Stillions Close, Alton, GU34 2RX
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