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Welcome to South Warnborough

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Rye Common New Town Consultation
The Parish Council has received information regarding the proposed plan to build a new town on land adjacent to the A287. You can find out more about the development of up to 1,900 new homes here
Comments on the planner's survey are open until the 18th of November. The information page and links to the survey and further information can be found here


Poachers Field Planning Application 
The deadline for decision on the application has been postponed again to 30th June although it is recognised that a further delay may be necessary to allow further consultation and to fit the planning committee cycle.



The South Warnborough Website
This website provides details of news and events in South Warnborough and other local areas. There is information on the Parish Council, its role and responsibilities, minutes, financial statements, planning and links giving information on and access to our local government.
There is the opportunity for information on the  traditional village activities; Church, Shop, Village Hall, Pub and clubs, societies, local history, and recreation.
There is the ability to carry local trade ads and a 'notice board'
  • You do not have to log on use the website. Just click on the buttons, double click on the pictures to enlarge.

  • have to register to use all the local member facilities. Click on ' Community Services' and complete the registration form.
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