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The Parish Council has been contacted by Keo Films, who have been commissioned by the BBC to make a documentary about pest control.


They are producing a 4x 1hour series about female pest controllers, which has been commissioned by the Documentary Department. The channel is keen that the series is a hybrid of documentary and natural history so that the viewers get a lot of science ‘take home’. They will be looking at the work of the pest controllers day to day but will also be examining the behaviour of pests and the methods for exterminating or re–housing them. 


They are working with 4 female pest controllers in different areas across the UK (each BPCA-approved and working for independent pest control companies) and for the most part, will be following the pest controllers’ working days and responding to phone calls as and when they get them.  However, they would also like to find additional stories in advance. They are trying to spread the word through local groups, community centres and residents associations so that anyone interested can get in touch with them directly. Anyone involved would receive free pest control from their pest controllers. Obviously, they also don’t identify the location of the property.


Pest wise they love: fleas, mice, rats, cockroaches, squirrels and bedbugs. But they don’t want (unless they are AMAZING) rabbits, moles, anything protected or wasps.


If you have pest problem BBC Two would love to hear about it.

Whether it’s bed bugsmice or cockroaches, this summer we are looking for pest infestations across the whole of the UK.

Until mid September, if you have an infestation we could help. However big or small the problem, GET


Contact the team on, or call Keo on 07817 499 635.



Rachel Millar



KEO films Limited

9-10 Great Sutton Street

London EC1V 0BX

T: +44 (0) 207 490 3580 

F: +44 (0) 207 490 8419  



Consultation on Hart Local Plan Housing Development Options


 Hart District Council is preparing a new local plan.  The first and main document will be a Local Plan: Strategy and Sites Development Plan Document covering the following broad issues:


Amount and distribution of new housing:  Housing development, mix & provision (including travellers)


Amount and distribution of new business space: Retail and leisure provision


Infrastructure provision (roads, transport, schools, healthcare, utilities, etc)


Open space and Green infrastructure:  Heritage assets


Design Landscape Character


Biodiversity Thames Basin:  Heaths Special Protection Area


Climate change:  Renewable & low-carbon energy


Flood risk 


As part of the preparation process the Council is consulting on a Housing Development Options Paper and accompanying Sustainability Appraisal.  


We are holding a series of drop-in sessions at the following locations where you can speak to Council officers:


Odiham – 10th September 2014, 10:30am – 7pm. Cross Barn, Palace Gate Farm, Odiham, RG29 1JX



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