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Welcome to South Warnborough

Kindness always matters.


Fete 2015

It may be the request for help by the fete committee below was overtaken by other information at the time.

In a community such as ours there is enough going on that we exhaust what we may think of as the usual supply of volunteers.

To emphasise the value of the fete, as well as providing a lovely afternoon of fun and games, the money raised supports a number of projects and improvements to the village generally.

We know that you already do a lot in the village and we know that you are all very busy. If, however, you could spare a while to help with the fete it would benefit the whole village and you may have a lot of fun too!
A few reminders of past fete activities. It is very much a; traditional, low key, rural, happy occasion.
The fete this year was a great success and we are hoping that next year's fete will be just as successful!  Due to personal commitments, a few of the Fete Committee members have had to step down, including the Chairman Maria Bryant, and we are urgently looking for some enthusiastic people to join the Committee!


  It's a fun Committee to be on and we meet only a few times throughout the year - from putting our ideas together, to the planning process, down to helping on the day, it's wonderful to watch the fete come to fruition!  If you are interested in the role of Chairman, we are proposing that a Chairman will only fulfil a year's term just to share out the responsibility so it is not an open-ended commitment!  But there are plenty of other opportunities on the Committee too - we all bring different skills to the table!


Sadly, without more volunteers to help, we may have to consider abandoning the fete next year and we would hate for that to be the case as it is one of the few events to really bring the community together. Please contact Krista Wells on 07778 316250 for more information.





Johnny Fielding


Johnny died from cancer early in September. It seems that this might be a good place to say a word of thanks for the contribution that Johnny made to our South Warnborough community. Just a snap shot of some of what he did during his years here. 

His help to the many local activities and causes he was involved in ranged from scrounging a tug-of-war rope from his mates in the army for the fete (before we had our own) to a gruelling legal contest to avoid the intrusion of a full time moto-cross course being established locally.  During this time the Parish and District had objected to this proposal on planning grounds and lost. Johnny remained involved in taking the objection forward on the grounds of the disturbance that the noise of the moto-cross would cause. The case went to review and the Judge ruled that if residents complained about noise the operator could be charged with causing a “statutory nuisance”. This appears to have deterred any development of a permanent moto-cross course.


Johnny was Chairman of the South Warnborough Parish Council for a number of years. In addition to the moto-cross objection  he worked hard on many other demanding projects including the development of affordable homes resulting in the building of Hawthorn Cottages on Gaston Lane. He was persistent in his requests to the District and County authorities for their support for traffic control through the village, and some measure of success was achieved with the “Village 30” programme which placed 30mph restrictions on traffic through the centre of South Warnborough. Incidentally we were the first village in Hampshire to implement this.


Never slow to volunteer he gave time to the Hart Centre, several local committees, supported Neighbourhood Watch ( forwarding emails as recently as 27th August),  and when St Andrew’s needed help with the re-ordering, Johnny led on the design and implementation of a new sound system, and joined the grass cutting rota!


He was instrumental in establishing a website for South Warnborough and did a great deal of the basic information management.


Sometimes one man can make a difference, Johnny certainly did.



To all Parish & Town Council Clerks

To all Parish Council Representatives

It is my sad duty to pass on to you a message from our chair, Alastair Clark, to tell you that Johnny Fielding has passed away after an illness.

Many of you will have known Johnny who was a very active parish councillor, not just in South Warnborough, but in the wider field as well, where he brought great intellect and energy to a wide range of issues. I'm sure I speak for all of those who knew him when I say that he will be sadly missed.

Kind regards,

Adrian Collett,

Clerk, Hart Association of Town and Parish Councils.


A requiem mass, for Johnny Fielding will be at 10.45 am on Wednesday September 24th. at St. Mary's Catholic Church in  Alton. 

It is the church between the Alton House hotel and Alton Station.  Parking may be difficult since St. Mary's parking spaces compete with those for railway commuters. The service will be followed by a cremation at Aldershot.



Consultation on Hart Local Plan Housing Development Options


 Hart District Council is preparing a new local plan.  The first and main document will be a Local Plan: Strategy and Sites Development Plan Document covering the following broad issues:


Amount and distribution of new housing:  Housing development, mix & provision (including travellers)


Amount and distribution of new business space: Retail and leisure provision


Infrastructure provision (roads, transport, schools, healthcare, utilities, etc)


Open space and Green infrastructure:  Heritage assets


Design Landscape Character


Biodiversity Thames Basin:  Heaths Special Protection Area


Climate change:  Renewable & low-carbon energy


Flood risk 


As part of the preparation process the Council is consulting on a Housing Development Options Paper and accompanying Sustainability Appraisal.  


We are holding a series of drop-in sessions at the following locations where you can speak to Council officers:


Odiham – 10th September 2014, 10:30am – 7pm. Cross Barn, Palace Gate Farm, Odiham, RG29 1JX



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