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UPDATE #1 (Jo Grey 27.01.14)


I have been informed today that the current schedule is for the new fibre-optic DSLAM Cabinet to be installed on 10th February and the power switched on by 3rd March.

The installation will be on the verge outside Fiddlers house along the Alton Road and just away from the refurbished village green. Connections will be made from the new DSLAM Cabinet to the existing PCP3 Cabinet, about 5 metres apart. Power cabling will be put in an underground duct to connect to the nearest power-feed pole towards The Poacher pub, about 20 meters away.
Households will continue to get their broadband via the existing copper cables from the PCP3 Cabinet. You will have access to faster speeds because fibre-optic replaces all old copper cables that linked the BT Exchange in the village to the national network (the new cabling provides the much faster speed over the majority of total cabling distance). The new DSLAM Cabinet is fed from a new national network source or Node. The existing Exchange is simply bypassed completely. And since there is newer technology available on the last bit of copper cabling (from the PCP3 Cabinet to individual premises) the new speeds are not slowed down over that section as much as in the past.
If you have registered, you will get an email from Hants CC advising when the new infrastructure is switched on. You can register here up.htm. If you register, you may indirectly help other households get SFB (see below) as it shows the level of potential take up that the village might produce.
When SFB is switched on you will have to buy a new package to get the faster speeds. This is normally a few weeks after the SFB switch on, after the broadband providers have decided on their package-offerings to South Warnborough and make them available. You can look here - due course.
PCP4 Cabinet: about 45 premises at the south-west end of the village are attached to a different cabinet (PCP4) along the Alton Road towards Kings Motors, under the trees between the B3349 and the inner access lane. About another 77 premises towards Swaineshill, Humbly Grove, Powntleys Copse etc are also attached to PCP4. This Cabinet is not currently due to get SFB before 2015. I am in touch with BT over what other options may be available. I expect to be in touch, hopefully direct with householders/business premises, when I have any information to share.
The reason why PCP4 is not in the current Hants CC / BT / BDUK funded programme is because BT says there are not enough premises on the Cabinet to make SFB economically viable for them. It is extremely unlikely that decision will be revised. Butplease register in the meantime– postcodes I believe to be affected are:-RG291FD; 1RA; 1RP; 1RT; 1RU; 1RX; 1RY; 1RZ; 1SD; 1SA; 1SB;andGU344DP; 4DL; 4DD; 4DB.




South Warnborough Village Shop

An agreement has been reached between the management committee of South Warnborough Village Shop Association and Jo Hamilton to accommodate a change of tenancy at the village shop. The negotiations will be explained to an EGM of South Warnborough Village Shop Association to be called in March, details of which will be circulated to all Shareholders.

After 12 years at the helm Jo will surely be missed but SWVSA is confident that the new incumbents will build on her achievements to date by serving the village, expanding the range of produce and staying at the heart of the local community.

Tony Murley, Chairman SWVSA



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