Welcome to South Warnborough

Village Green


In 2010 it was decided by the Parish Council of the day to improve the centre of the village and after much discussion a small sub group was formed to design, work out the funding and the work involved to make this happen. It was decided this should cover the war memorial, paths around the centre and the Village Green itself, including the building of a new bus shelter, in keeping with the rural nature of the village. Plans were drawn; Volunteers enlisted; funds were raised; contractors contacted and quotes for the work given; In July 2011 work was started to renovate initially the War Memorial, with a great deal of volunteer work to help keep the costs down. In August 2012 work was started on phase 2 to deliver the new bus shelter, paths and the rest of the Village Green as we see it today. All of the ground work (eg lawn, digging of beds and planting) were all performed by volunteers from the village. Phase 3 was the paths to the War Memorial which happened in 2013.

There is now a small group of volunteers who maintain the Village Green, and we typically work in pairs, each pair cover the maintenance for a month before handing it on. The Village Green/War Memorial is the centre of the village, and it is important to have this looking cared for, as it represents how we all feel about this village that we are all members of. Like all groups we are always seeking help and if you would like to volunteer we would love the hear from you. Please contact Mark Honour on 01256 862428.



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