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Gentlemen's Working Club


The South Warnborough Gentlemen’s Working Club, SWGWC, is a group of blokes who occasionally work on projects round the village. It started with a group of men who volunteered to help with the refurbishment, renovation and modernisation of the Parish Church of St. Andrews. 

This club continues to thrive helping to maintain St Andrews and the church yard and contributing to other community projects when asked.  It meets for lunch in Ridley Hall every 2nd Tuesday of the month – from 11am to about 4pm.  New members, who are willing to give some of their time, skills, labour and time to support community projects, are always welcome; simply join the other members at the Poachers. 

Dates for 2018:

  • Tuesday13th Feb,
  • Tuesday 13th March,
  • Tuesday 10th April,
  • Tuesday 8th May,
  • Tuesday 12th June,
  • Tuesday 10th July,
  • Tuesday 14th August,
  • Tuesday 11th Sept,
  • Tuesday 9th October,
  • Tuesday 13th November 
  • Tuesday 11th December

John Drake-lee co-ordinates lunches and can be contacted at duckydoc1@gmail.com or on 01256 861424

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